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  1. Hi I have been a massive fan of MiniDisc since i got my first player in 96, I even remember the cinema ads at the time with to joggers running through the desert being "perfect copies"!!! Anyway, about a year ago i got an ipod and abandoned my minidiscs. Now, im thinking of getting back into it again and getting an RH1. My first question is, Can i upload all my old minidiscs recorded using the digital optical input into the PC via the RH1 then copy them back onto Hi-MD's in Hi-SP mode with no loss of quality? Or will i have to use ATRAC advance lossless for that? And secondly, Should i bother??? I dont want to make this step only to find the format abandoned by sony etc. As i am actually happy with my ipod and it's sound quality (everything imported from CD at 256kbps AAC) but have had a big soft spot for MD and feel a little twinge of guilt evertime i find an old disc laying around! Please help me decide!
  2. Hi Its time to sell my beloved JB940! This minidisc unit is in IMMACULATE condition and is fully boxed with all manuals and remote. I thought id check here first before putting it on ebay! Any offers?
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    Is it real?

    Ok, How do i upload a picture?
  4. watcher666

    Is it real?

    Yep the white nh600 exists!!! I HAVE ONE!!!
  5. Quite the opposite! I HATE dance and "boom boom" music. I mostly listen to Katie melua, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson etc etc. All the music on my ipod is ripped directly from original CD's in itunes AAC 320kbps. Using a pair of Sony EX71's the ipod does sound excellent but i find the line out not that good when compared directly to my MD deck! Its not awful, not by a long shot but i do find it not as "refined" as my MD But then it could be the cable i use, its a logic 3 "wind up" thing thats got the ipod dock connector on one end then the 2 RCA's on the other, but the cable is worryingly thin! P.S I dont use any EQ setting etc. (but then i think they dont apply to the line out anyway)
  6. Well, i think 320kbps is good enough!!! And i do hook the ipod up to my Marantz through the line out dock connector. Its not very good! I find that with the JB940 and my CD player i have the volume of my amp at about a quarter whitch is quite loud. Now, to get the same volume level with the ipods line out i have to turn my amps volume all the way up past the half way mark!!!! And then the sound is very boomy and muddy in the bass department, drowns out the rest of the music and sounds just very poor in comparison. If it turn my minidisc deck or CD up that loud the sound stays perfectly in balance, it just blows my eardrums out and makes next door bang on the wall!
  7. ohhhhh!!! Your poor wife....
  8. Well as for quality wise MiniDisc is far superior! I have a 5g ipod video and all my music on it is encoded in AAC 320kbps. It sounds excellent except when you then compare it to a copy made on me trusty old JB940 in SP mode!!! The minidisc version has more drive and just sounds more alive! If im talking utter bo**ocks please correct me!
  9. Hi Just letting the people from the UK know that this place sells the MZ-RH1 fro £192.75 INC VAT. http://www.qed-uk.com/q/?vp=5&bg=208&bp=rh1b&bi=0&ird=1117 I have purchased from them before, so i know they are trustworthy I was thinking, perhaps there should be a new forum where people can post the best deals that they have found etc etc!!!
  10. How much was the RH1 from the sony centre? Because i rang up my local Sony centre (in maidstone) and they said the RH1 will be £199.99!!! Although its not out yet?!
  11. I have been trying to find one to buy online from any UK stores, but i cant! I have tried amazon and a dozen others, but they all say discontinued!
  12. But was unavailable in the UK since before the RH1 was even announced!?
  13. Why was the MZ-RH10 discontinued so quickly? It was only available for a few months and then they discontinued it without replacing it! Why??
  14. Hi Theres nothing wrong with my JB940, its around 6 years old and is IMMACULATE! I love it, but it doesnt play Hi-MD. I use MD as replacement for CD's, I'll buy a CD album record it to MD and then put the CD in the attic. So i have a portable Hi-MD unit and want to be able to use simple burner but that only works in LP2. So i will have to use Hi-SP and want them to be playable through my home hi-fi setup. hence my need for a Hi-MD deck! Thankyou, that would be very helpful!
  15. Hi Just wondered if anyone from the UK has ever purchased one of the Onkyo Hi-MD decks from Audiocubes? Im thinking of getting one, but am not sure on the voltage etc and will it just hook straight up to my CD and AMP to replace my JB940? Thanks! PS i havent been on here in ages as i strayed to the dark side (ipod). but im back in the light now!
  16. Thanks for the info regarding Argos! I picked mine up today at my local store in Strood, Kent (south-east about 30 miles from london) for £99.00 they have plenty!
  17. Well, i am very dissapointed in sony! I nearly purchased one of these based purely on the info on there web site! I would have been very annoyed if i had taken delivery only to find all the bloody ports were missing!
  18. oh! This is from the uk site, and it also states that the unit has the full compliment of line in/out, Mic and Digital inputs? is the US model not equiped with these then?
  19. Hi Can you or cant you record in true SP mode on the 2nd gen Hi-MD players??? Everyone says you cant, but according to Sony (and they should know!) you can!!! see here: http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProduct.act...+Net+MD+WALKMAN
  20. Hi It's sounds like a problem with your sound card. I had a similar problem a few years back but i never resolved it! Try recording from the optical output of a CD or DVD player and see what happens! At least you will eliminate your NH900 as the cause of the fault if the recording works. Or it could be a setting on your NH900, i dont have one so i cant check but just flick throught the manual to make sure your not missing anything!
  21. It's not the AAC Codec that makes the ipod sound dull, it's the audio hardware in the ipod itself! AAC is quite a good codec!
  22. My DS and Mario 64 Arrived today! :grin: Although i got stung by £30 worth of import duty!
  23. Hi The design flaw of the wires to the magnetic head breaking was unique to the N1! You have no worries! :grin:
  24. Hi there! Yes we are talking about the Sony MZ-NH600! Yes, if you look at your 600 next to the headphone socket, there is a rectangular connector and this is for remotes! You can use the RM-MC33EL or the fantastic RM-MC40ELK! The latter being the 3-line remote that is supplied with the NH1.
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