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Every time I try to edit or delete a track the player gives the message TrPROT, The manual says this means track protected but does not tell me how to fix it. All tracks have this, although when there was space I could record, but not delete tracks. The disc is not write protected, and does not delete tracks whichever way the switch is set.

Help me please!

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Dont remember sad.gif Can i erase the tracks using a netmd ?

I have the same problem. In my case, the track was transferred from computer to MD using NetMD. However I cannot transfer the track back to the PC using NetMd because it fails to do it. Nor can I erase the track on either a NetMD or an "ordinary" MD. The screen shows "Track protect".

I am hoping someone will know a way to erase the track. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You *can* erase the tracks with a NetMD, you just need to use the PC Software (sonicstage) in order to do it.

The reason the tracks are protected, is because you transfered them from a PC to begin with! Now just use the PC to delete them!

This is so that any tracks with media rights do not accidently get deleted.

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