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Rh10 Vs Nh1

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I'm heading to Japan next week and want to take the opportunity to upgrade my N10 for a newer HiMD unit. Could anyone give me a summary on the pros and cons of either the older Nh1 vs the 2nd Gen Rh10?

I want to use the unit for both live music recording and as a portable player.

Thanks Darren

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The NH1 is much slimmer, has no add-on battery pack, has a better remote, poorer main-unit screen, can record in traditional MD format, can't play MP3 natively, has High Definition digital amp (as opposed to regular digital amp), has poorer battery life (17 hours vs. 32 hours [aprox.]) and some functions are only available through the remote.

The RH10 is also cheaper but NH1 prices may fall as it is replaced by the RH10

I would choose the NH1 unless you're doing extended recording without mains power

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Get both! biggrin.gif (sorry, I'm a NH1 owner and I'm just drooling at the RH10 - to buy or not to buy, that is the question - for me anyways).

Another couple of less central differences that I can remember...

- NH1 has a Digital Pitch Control, R10 seems not to have,

- Colour choice for the NH1 is limited to 2 (silver and gold) while if you are in Japan you have 4 colours for the R10 to choose from - three of which seem really cool - choice, choices... rolleyes.gif

- The NH1 is likely to resist more scratching due to the case being mostly metal, the R10 has more of a plastic surface (this is just a guess brought up in a discussion),

- (another guess from recording experience on the NH1) is that helped by the larger screen on the main unit for the R10, it may not be essential to have the remote connected if you are recording - the NH1 on the other hand really requires the remote at all times, especially during recording,

Good luck in Japan - let us know what your eventual decision is and what tipped you one way or another.

BTW, check out www.yodobashi.com and start doing your homework (Hi-MD is under the AV section). Make sure you also check out the stuff that you cannot buy where you are - loads of cool MD discs, cooooool storage cases and x4 MD cases for travelling, handy 5 discs-in-1 boxes, etc. etc.

Have a great time! biggrin.gif

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Nope. I had it for too short a time to write anything up and my personal interest in Hi-MD has remained the same despite the RH10. (and on the note of this thread, generally speaking I'd say it's a much more practical machine to the NH1 for everything... playback, recording, USB mass storage) I might be doing something with the DH10 though, and have asked for one as it seems pretty cool. It's not a high priority though.

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Hello people, I'm an avid recorder of my rock n roll band and was wondering which unit out of RH10 and NH1 has the better recording options?

I have an order for the NH1 in at the minute but its chageable and I like the look of the RH10's main screen, cos I don't really like using the remote for MD's. I can get a NH1 for UK£110 , with the RH10 at £160

I couldnt really care less about the MP3 support, so what would you suggest?


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i'd say go with the rh10 for the oled screen, additional dry cell battery case & the fact all the EU restrictions have been 'hacked' for full functionality.

the nh1 has a full metal vs mostly metal but imo that's the only advantage.

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NH1 has line-out to use with home stereos. It has Li-Ion battery whitch last up to 3 years. RH-10 has NiMH battery which is cheaper 49$ vs. 10$ but lasts only about one year.

RH-10 is 40% heavier. When you drop both units to the ground (and some day you will) NH1 will survive much better with it's lighter weight and sturdier built quality.

RH-10 cover is plastic and could get scratched easily.

NH-1 has no OLED display on the unit.

NH-1 has no native mp3 support.

NH-1 is last flagship model of Sony MD-recorders.

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