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Amazon(uk) Offer Is Back!

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Its a really good offer!! biggrin.gif

P.s. look at the reviews, only 1 bad one. I dont know how long this offer has been back on for or how long it will last. So get it while you can!

Judging by the sales rank (124) it may have been a day or so....

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So, someone tell me quick, what's the difference between this MZ-NH900 and the MZ-RH10? I just ordered an RH10 but will return it if this NH900 for a better price will do the same job. What are the differences in quality and features?

I want a unit for field recording through a stereo microphone.

Well, I just tried to order the above good offer and amazon.co.uk doesn't ship electronics to the US. Anyone on here from the UK want to help get it shipped to me? Maybe more trouble than it's worth. Let me know

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The RH10 has the backlit display that would be superior in live recording situations compared to a remote configuation with the NH900. To be honest however, I employ a NH900 with the RM-MC40ELK remote and I feel no need to upgrade to second generation Hi-MD. The differences are not worth the price in my mind.

If I were buying now however, I would go for the RH10.

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Anyone on here from the UK want to help get it shipped to me?  Maybe more trouble than it's worth.  Let me know

I'd have thought it would be a lot more trouble! I think this is a case of us in the uk getting a better deal than the rest of the world for once! biggrin.gif

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Well the Amazon offer has now gone. I ordered the NH1 when the NH-900 offer had been discontinued but then they put it back on – but now it has gone again! I'm kind of happy with the NH1 – just don't like the fact you can only perform certain opperations via the remote control (track delete for example). Can all operations be performed on the machine with the NH-900 – or do you also have to use the remote?

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If the hack for the RH-10 is successful (seems to be by the replies on the board) I'll probably get the RH-10 as its only £40 more (also can't resist that display....) ph34r.gif

If I had enough Wongs I'd get both... wink.gif

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Welcome to the board Ginger t

Thanks i've been browsing the main site for a while but though i'd nose round the forums as i'd just ordered the NH900. Looks like i've made a good decision anyway. Only problem is it'll make my old equipment redundant (mainly my MDS JB-930). Also i'll have a read of the FAQs once it arrives to save me asking any real dumb Qs.

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