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Sony Eggo MDR-D22SL Pictorial

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I found these headphones to be decent when I was a novice and entering the MD world, but with reflection it is not something I would consider sonically optimal.

I agree, there are lots of other phones out there with better performance, but for over the ear portable / casual use these are pretty decent. If you had to choose between these and say the MDR-EX81SL, I would definitely go for the latter as the performance is much better particuarly in the lower end frequencies. (Then again not everyone likes the full in the ear style).

As I said before the best thing about these is how light they are and that I can wear them for long periods of time with little or no discomfort.

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You are quite right. Not significant, however, it's worth it if you can acquire it.

If I remember correctly the D77's go down to 5hz vs. the D66's 10hz lower end - is that right? The Stanton DJ Pro 60's which I think I paid around 60 euros for a couple of years back have a range of 3-28000 Hz and have some of the best bass response on any set of phones I've heard. On the downside they are rather heavy despite folding in on themselves like the Eggo's.

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Where can I buy the d66's or the d77's?.

You can buy the D66's from audiocubes, as for the D77's I think you're best bet is eBay, but they don't come up often from what I gather. If anyone else knows of other sources for D77's let us know! The problem is that the D77's are discontinued whereas the D22's and D66's aren't. At least they are still in the 2005 catalog at http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/products/catalog/AVacc_sou.pdf

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I used to have the silver D22's - gave them to a special lady who enjoys using them, today. I do miss them as they are a tad smaller than the D66's (which are superb!) and often wish I had them back. I might get another set before they totally disappear.

Great photos, BTW.

Thanks for the comments. I use them now a little less than I used to, but still enjoy them nonetheless. I'm currently debating whether to get a pair of D66's which I have nearly bought so many times over the last year - or another pair of NC11A's (unfortunately the sound to the left bud died a few weeks ago) which are still very good sounding and I really miss them on flights as I tend to travel quite a lot, but find it impossible to listen to MD on planes without them.

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