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MDCF's SonicStage cannot remove Mp3 codec

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Connect in minidisc.org's sonicstage 3.2 has been removed, this is very good. It can save you a lot of time, but it include a new mp3 codec which can not be un-installed from control panel. this is too bad.

So, think about this first, if you really do not need this, just uncheck this when do installation.

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Hi! the quality of my MP3 files copied to mi HI-MD have DECREASED since I installed 3.2 Now that I know about that MP3 codec you talk about, I know the reason. What is the exact filename of the codec, and how can I restore my old one?

My Winamp plays my MP3 files perfectly; but in SonicStage and the Hi-MD they sound worse, with "clack"-like sounds from the compression; It must be the new codec.

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You can download the installer here, install it then you'll find an uninstaller


I can't see how is this happening, did you change the mpg123dsf config?

I didn't touch it at all >.<

Now I don't like to listen to my music at all with that poor compression. How can I restore the old codec? Any idea?

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