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RH10 not regonized by SS, where did I go wrong?

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Yesterday I installed (and was then forced to reinstall) SonicStage 3.2 (MDCF packed) and played with it for a while familiarizing myself with it.

Today I unwrapped my new RH10 and decided to upload my first recordings.

When I connect the recorder to my PC it is regognized by Windows ('found new device') and some sort of drivers are installed automatically.

However, SonicStage doesn´t seem to recognize the device. Under the transfer-menu only CD-burning options are available.

Did I do something wrong? Do I need to install something in addition to SonicStage?

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Do you have XP SP2? If you have that, it seems like the complete SonicStage package didn't install some needed drivers that have to be installed before the RH10 is connected. Otherwise Windows will, as you noticed, some generic drivers which you now have to uninstall (and probably SonicStage as well) and redo everything. I guess you will get more direct pointers abot OpenMG and Personal Audio Driver...

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First do a careful uninstall with the instructions here.


Then, if I were you I would try installing 3.2 again, ideally with the Sony online installer at www.connect.com unless you have a really slow internet connection. Or with the MDCF installer as a second choice.

If that doesn't work, then do the full uninstall again and try your disc and then 3.2. In the past, though, Sony's uninstall has been sloppy, and it just seems more cluttered to install 3.2 on top of 3.0. But desperate times require desperate measures.

Another thing to try is the MDac repair tool under Downloads at the top of the page. I have no idea exactly what it does, but it does seem to fix a lot of problems.

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Thanks A440 for the input but I managed to fix the issue.

I uninstalled (without removing any registry entries though) and then installed Sonic Stage using Sony´s own installer. When I loaded it up HiMD was recognized as a tranfer option.

I was surprised that Sony´s own installer offered me the option to choose where I wanted to install SS but the MDCF package didn´t. I had expected it be the other way around and that´s why I chose to use the MDCF installer in the first place (big companies way to often try to dictate where the files should go, my small C: partition is getting cluttered).

So, since someone else recently had a similar issue with the MDCF installer I am going to speculate that the package is faulty. Broadband users might want to try the Sony-installer first.

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