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Hi all!

I'm from Italy and I use my minidisc to make make my live recordings since 5 years...

I'm planning about buying new mics and I'd like to take the ones that can be hidden easily...

The question is: is SP-BMC-2 a right choice? I think to hide them around my eyeglass like greenmachine explained, so I think they are small and useful to my use, and I think that I don't need the clips with them.

The next question is: Volume Control for mics is a MUST? I have a Sony RH10 and I found out that manual level for recording works fine even without it, so I have to buy it aniway in your opinion?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for my english!

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There's no need to add the volume control or anything else if you are getting good results. Use what is working for you.

Whatever mic you are using now may not pick up as much bass, especially if it is a Sony mic. If you have any problem with overloading from your newer mics, then try the headphone volume control. But if you don't, skip it.

SP-BMC2 are the size of pencil erasers and very easy to hide. When you mount them on eyeglasses you don't need the clips.

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SP-BMC-2s seem to be very nice little mics, suited mainly for medium SPLs, limited by their relatively high self noise (like virtually all miniature mics) and a not optimally configured FET amplifier stage at very high SPLs. If you don't record in extreme situations (very quiet or brutally loud), they should give you very good results if set up properly (placement, recorder settings, etc.). You can't know if you'll need attenuator or battery box, these mics could be significantly more sensitive than your current ones (especially in the low frequency region) and thus overload the preamp sooner. Although they seem to be relatively inexpensive at first glance, there are pretty high shipping costs (and maybe other taxes) that make them expensive for the non-north-american rest of the world (ask The Low Volta about actual costs). A solution? DIY.

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Thanks for the infos...

Actually I have two Sony Minidisc, and as you said I don't get so much bass on the recordings, but I found out that I took some good recordings since then. I don't know how I can find a complete listing of Sony Mics, so I can't tell you what model are mines. I was looking for a listing, beacuse I'd like to compare the BMC2 spec with my actual mics.

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I do not know about Italy, but here in Belgium there was 21% VAT and also quite some import taxes so they almost doubled in price... I opted fo the DIY-solution in stead... well, I got some DIY-by-greenmachine-mics :P

the visivox mics on ebay look almost the same as the BMC-2's and even have the sourcefollower mod, so they might be interesting as well (and they will probably ship as a gift so no taxes)

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As for the price, on the soundprofessional site it is 39$ + 32$ that is about 57Eur, not that much...

As in Europe I couldn't find them, is the only way to get them!

What do you tell me about wearing them on my eyeglass? How can I find the plastic-like/rubber-like material to mount them? Or do you suggest to buy the croakie mount (30$ expensive I think..)

Thanks again!

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is that price including all customs, taxes,...? just check a customs office near you

visivox gives you more bang for your buck, but I've never used them so I can't really promise anything

just hav a look at this thread for more stealth ideas and the rubber thingy is heat shrink tube, which you can buy in a DIY or electronics store

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Thanks Low Volta, I think you're speaking of these:


you use them actually?

In the pic I posted i don't know how to mount them on my eyeglass... I think that I can take off the mics and the windmounts (with windmounts on it's impossible to hide them with eyeglass!) but doing so, I think that I'll pull off the mics too and not only the windmounts....

If you have them please help me understandings how they're made!

Ok, you don't have them, but anyway I still think that (as shown in the picture) when I pull off the windmounts I pull off the mics too, so the become unuseful for hiding in eyeglasses...

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just mail all your questions about the construction to these guys, I'm sure they will gladly provide you with additional info and pics

they have a whole range of mics, so maybe they have a model that is suited for your intended use, so just describe how you would like to use them

make sure to check with your customs office, as perhaps the taxes in Italy aren't that high and ordering from SP isn't that expensive (SP sometime offer mics on ebay as well with better shipping costs and perhaps even packaging as a gift, A440 knows their username, so PM him with a question if needed)

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These Visivox mics seem to be very good on the technical side and well built, but somewhat too large for stealth / eyeglass mounting. It woud be hard to hide them. Try to build microphones as small as possible, you won't regret it afterwards.

Indeed, if the picture that shows them next to a minidisc player is to scale, then these mics are HUGE compared with the sound pro (or DIY) mics. There's no way I'd feel happy about stealth recording with these monsters on my glasses! You would look like a freaky insect! You may get away with mounting them to your collar though.

I mount mics to my everyday perscription glasses - so the rubber heat-shrink method was not appropriate. I opted for croakies (which can be removed easily) from a bricks and mortar shop in the UK - Nevisport I think. Try a large outdoor sports/ski/snowdoard shop. Mine were about £7 GBP. I'll post some pics of my setup when I've got some time.

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Another info... is BMC9 better than BMC2?

In the specifications the only difference is that it has 60db Signal To Noise Ratio instead of 58 and -44Db Open Circuit Sensitivity instead of -42.

They look like they're worth a try. They have less self-noise (higher Signal to Noise) and are a tiny bit less sensitive, which could be helpful if you're recording loud music, though it's a very small difference either way. They also look even smaller than the BMC-2. They don't have an option to come with clips, but that doesn't matter to you for mounting them on eyeglasses--and smaller should also be better there.

The reason you don't need an attenuator with your Sony mic is its frequency response. To adapt to the limitations of the MD, it only picks up above 100 Hz rather than 20Hz-20,000 Hz like your ears. The new mics will pick up bass and overload the preamp, so you'll need an attenuator or battery box. When you compare it to your old recordings, it will sound much more bottom-heavy, but actually it's just more accurate.

If you do get the BMC-9, tell us how they work for you.

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I'm planning to use them on my everiday glasses too, but I think that a Snowboard/Ski setup for them is so strange to be seen, is something particular, and people could notice it...

You may have a point here, but as yet no-one has spotted me. Or should I say that no-one has said anything and I've not noticed anybody staring/pointing in my direction. If you mount them just over your ears and choose croakies that match either the colour of your glasses or your skin then there should be no problem. A fairly high collar or hooded top is also useful and if you've got longer hair it helps.


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