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SonicStage 3.3 available

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You can now download SonicStage 3.3

New Features:

* Dynamic Playlist is available.This allows you to select genres and artists of tracks and to specify the order of tracks to display, to make Playlist by Date Imported/ Rating/ Playback Count/ the Number of Transfer and the Number of Tracks/ Playback Time/ File Size, dynamically.

* New Playlist updated on My Library renews existing Playlist on an ATRAC Audio Device, transferring the Playlist to an ATRAC Audio Device.

* Ripping an Audio CD in ATRAC Advanced Lossless format is available.

According to new audio-compression technology, an Audio CD can be recorded into My Library without any sound degradation. And this new technology allows to record an Audio CD with the size of 30~80 percent with ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus current audio-compression technology, in order to keep compatibility with current devices.

* Ripping an Audio CD in WMA format is available.

.. and more, please visit: http://www.sonydigital-link.com/dna/SonicStage/sstage_dl.asp

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