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RM-MC35ELK Where do they sell it cheap?

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I'm looking to buy an RM-MC35ELK. But my max price is about 25 bucks. Does anyone know a good online store that sells them? (No Ebay)

Why the aversion to eBay?

If you look at the seller's profile on eBay, they sometimes have an online non-eBay store that you can purchase from directly.

Is your aversion directed to bid placing? Paypal? eBay? or is it directed to small online sellers with no real reputation?

Do you want to make an actual credit card direct purchase, and have the extended credit card warranty that goes along with buying a new product? If you find an eBay seller with a separate online store, you may be able to do it that way.

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My parents do not trust ebay at all, I got into an arugment with them today, they said there is absolutely no way they will buy off ebay. I need an actual store, forget price. Just tell me where I can buy either a RM-MC35elk, RM-MC33el, or RM-MC40elk at the cheapest possible price. My parents are pretty pissed that they can't just walk into any electronic store and a minidisc remote, they don't believe me when I told them its impossible.

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