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Pre-recorded Minidiscs

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

Are pre-recorded Minidiscs still avaliable?

When I originally got my first MD player (MZ-E2) back in 1995 there were a couple of music stores that used to sell pre-recorded MiniDiscs which was handy since I didn't have a recorder at the time. I found a couple of my old pre-recorded Minidiscs the other day. I forgot how good the quality was. It got me thinking, are pre-recorded MiniDiscs still avaliable?


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Hi Rob,

They haven't been manufactured since early 2001... Your best bet is ebay, also worth a look is amazon uk.. they list over 900 pre-recorded md's... they don't have too many in stock, but plenty of people sell theirs on thorugh amazon... I've bought a few of mine that way.. works out great

hope this helps,


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