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Rich's MZ-E900 Pictorial

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Sony MZ-E900 | MDLP Walkman (2000)

Again another unit that has been covered by Ishii in the pictorial section but one that is perhaps worth another look. This is for me, despite it's age one of the best looking MD Walkman's ever. It is certainly the smallest. I just love the embossed Walkman logo on the front and the kind of retro cool of the black back cover.

The microscopic player is barely bigger than an MD blank and weighs just 58 grams (or 83 with the battery).

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of some of these shots as the lighting in my apartment was pretty poor when I took them. Anyway I hope you enjoy...

All images © Copyright 2006 - Richard H.

DSC02179m.JPG  DSC02180m.JPG  DSC02183m.JPG  DSC02186m.JPG


DSC02192m.JPG  DSC02193m.JPG  DSC02194m.JPG  DSC02195m.JPG


DSC02196m.JPG  DSC02197m.JPG  DSC02198m.JPG  DSC02184m.JPG

DSC01999m.JPG  DSC02003m.JPG


Remote Control | RM-MC11EL

DSC02206m.JPG  DSC02207m.JPG



Gumstick Charger | BC-9HP2 (UK Version)

DSC02208m.JPG  DSC02178m.JPG


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