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GYM playing problem


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I am hoping that someone has some suggestions on how to solve my problem.

1) I am having problems playing songs through 'GYM'.

I have no idea what I could be doing wrong. Seeing that I am still very new to this all and just recently purchased my Vaio Pocket (VP) , I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

I believe I have installed all the relevant software in order to make my VP work with GYM

- installed Sonic Stage 3.3

- installed MP3 File Manager 2.0

- installed MS .NET 1.1

- installed GYM 1.2beta

- already have DirectX 9.0c installed

Now I am unsure if I have to instal in any particular order. Perhaps this could be an issue.

Now I had followed the directions for GYM and ran the wizrd and made cracks. I let the wizard finish and opened up the software.

GYM recognizes all my tracks, but for some reason I cannot play them. I hit the play button and it just seems to stay in limbo and show the hour glass. I can stop it if its relatively quick after tryign to play, but if I leave for more than a minute or so, the program freezes.

I am open to any input or ideas to trouble shoot.


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xispe: can you save tracks back to your harddrive ?

I can go into the VP drive and drag&drop the OMGAUDIO folder onto my PC. But how do I distinguish what file is what track? I think there is a post in this forum about that right? Someone cracjed/solved the namign method right?

Stuge: In which Format you are using your files in VP ?

The tracks that were on it (I bought the VP second hand), according to SS, specify that they are MP3 format and they are all different type of bitrates.

How would this prevent my GYM from operating?

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Even I was having this type of problem but afater running the Wizard again ,i was able to solve the problem.

I will Advise you to Run the Wizard again .

Note :Remember to put the cracks into your VP via Mp3 file manager when asked .

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Note :Remember to put the cracks into your VP via Mp3 file manager when asked .

I am suppose to put the crack files (which are located in the GYM/tmp folder) on my VP ??

MP3 FM asks for this??

I am confused, am I too switch the current files in my OMGAUDIO folder and put the files from my GYM/tmp folder in there in order to get GYM working?

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can you save tracks back to your harddrive ?

I am having the same problem. I also have a Vaio pocket. Have run the KeyWizard and the GYM program opens and shows the files that are on my device. The vast majority of the files are in ATRAC format and these ones I am unable to play or save them in GYM. I have a couple of music files in MP3 format and I am able to play and save these ones. Do you suggest running the KeyWizard again? Or is there another solution?

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