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HiMD Rendered on a Toshiba Laptoi (Net-MD)

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Just wondering what settings you have had luck with as far as volume settings on the MD unit and the inout level on the MIC in (I can't find a LINE-IN on the laptop). I want to be able to make the clearest possible copies, of course. I don't have the funds to invest in a HIMD unit right now, and the used MZ-S1 I got works perfectly for recording, so...

Also, is there a unit you know of to convert from the headphone jack (on either the MZ-S1 or MZ-N420D) to OPTICAL and a USB based OPTICAL in unit?

Thanks much for any info!!!

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The mic-in from the laptop is likely to give you poor result. But you could get an USB sound card with line-in (and eventually optical).


I discovered "Total Recorder" a couple of hours after my post and it seems the best solution. The only thing I notice is that the files are not quite gapless. My solution to this will be to do future recordings as one long file, render it, then use another software to split it. Not that big a deal... GREAT programs (both HiMD rendered and total recorde

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The Griffin Imic will give you analog line-in via USB for about $35.

The M-Audio Transit has optical via USB for about $80. I don't know if it's possible to convert headphone out to optical, though.

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I used to use a Creative MP3+ that I got a few years back for $40 that has optical connections. My Laptop sound quality was very poor, and Mp3+ analog out was better. But thats not that much of an issue if you are just using the optical connections.


Theres a Live version now thats better. The Audigy2NX is better but needs AC power. The Mp3+ and Live are USB powered.

If I was buying something now I'd get this.


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