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Jittery CD Importing

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I have Robbie Williams Gold, I inport it with CDex and most the Jitter does get removed but with playcack in any program and importing with SSCP it is jittery.

What can I do?

I haven't installed EAC, I don't plan to unless it is by far the best option, thanks :ok:

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It removed the jitter, but it mixed some tracks! rofl :lol:

Ok, I re-ripped it again, its fine besides 1 track - that I can't get on CDex anyway.

Its not too inmortant, but I would like to get it ripped.

Edit: I used a CD doctor on it and in CDex it reduced the errors from 624 to 26 of this track.

I'll try it again 2morrow and see how that goes! :) thanks for your help!

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is it scratched? i seem to recall that some commercial cds have the jitter added digitally to stop perfect copying but the ear can't pick them up.

Really? :wacko: Madness, I'll try sometime to get the cd ripped properly.

And I don't see any visable scratches, but I tryed anyway. :lol:

And Stuge: I only have the 1 drive,

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