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Rumours for 4th gen

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There is none that i know of, but i have a feeling the RH1 is not the last. There is lots of room for improvement, i even think Sony incorporated the minor annoyances into the RH1 on purpose so they have an excuse to make another.... My gut tells me there is atleast one more flagship model Sony is going to come out with.

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Sony has a lot to clean up, especially in the PR department.

1. Exploding batteries. Dell has pointed their finger at Sony.

2. PS3. Price is high, features are going out one by one, delayed release.

3. Blu-ray.

4. Dying UMD.

I don't think a DAP is high on their list. I would think the PS3 is the top priority right now, and in the next year or so. 2nd would be blu-ray. We'll be lucky is we see a DAP coming, let alone a next gen HiMD. Maybe a Japan only player unit, but I doubt it.

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I am dreaming of a portable Hi-MD with faster read/write, ability to play videos. Games.

Wait. Time to wake up.

Chances are Hi-MD will be mostly targeted at the recording group if there is a 4th gen. I was hoping for more consumer friendly and fanciful features, like color screen, camera etc.

I still couldn't find my dream DAP in the current market and DH10P is the closest I got. Hope sony can release an update to DH10P.

Can't they open up the format and let other brands have fun as well, since Sony couldn't handle Hi-MD well..

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Why the jump to 4th Gen? Sony may still have a pipeline of units left for 3rd Generation along with the RH1, who knows?

If the RH1 is the last unit, the next stage will be the SDK being released. Also, the possibility of that containing both the ATRAC codec code and firmware for all MD units.

Lets just wait and see.

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Chances are Hi-MD will be mostly targeted at the recording group if there is a 4th gen.

They already did it ;)... for 4th gen Im still hoping for a miracle, Sony relaeses the HiMD patent and someone makes a car unit. My car cd player scratches every cd I put it on :angry:

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Who knows what Sony are up to? But it's pretty clear that their recent difficulties are their OWN fault.

They do not LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, if they did we would have a proper deck(s) by now. How can such a brilliant piece of technology (still unbeatable at the moment for what it does) be controlled by such a bunch of incompetant donkeys?!

Not to mention other areas such as PS3, Sony are losing valuable ground to Xbox and soon the new Nintendo by messing around and not making a descision.

Its almost like they WANT to fail. <_<

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