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  1. Very simply, if Sony had released source code and made ATRAC an open format from the beginning, god knows how superior it would be today. To compress 1,411kbps to 292kbps in the 1980s must of been a marvel. Possibly, Sony could of got ahead of the MPEG standards by going open-source and really leashed the MD format. Obviously they we're too short-sighted to see the opertunity. As Sony had only control over the format, this is why it's died. Programmers wanting to use the format couldn't alter it, change it or do anything to it. I guess we won't see the SDK to the ATRAC format that they promised last year.
  2. Just coming back to this post made by pata2001. 1) HE-AAC uses Parametric Stereo technology to make it sound much more compelling than anything else at that bitrate. Atrac3+ was never designed to compete with HE-AAC. But I'll assure you that its far better than a 48kbps MP3 44.1Khz file . 2) MD was a niché product that appealed big time to recording professionals/enthusiasts because of its far more advanced features. Sony didn't have to make it a competitor against MP3/other DAP players. They chose to and knew probably knew they werent going to succeed. Potential was very minimal and thats probably why they didn't commit 110% of their resources towards it. 3) You cannot really compare iTunes and Sonicstage. SS is purely software that acts as inbetween to uploading songs. iTunes is a music store thats gives you the "capibility" to upload to their DAPs. The majority here do not complain. There are some however that they think they know it all and want to slam parts of the format even though they have it themselves. Being an even more niché format, I think we all feel there can be improvements made. But you could say that about any product.
  3. 1) UMS is what? - USB Mass Storage, bascially a USB device with hard-drive/flash storage. You can copy and paste files onto these devices in your Windows Explorer window (unlike MD players/recorders). 2) DAP is what? - Digital Audio Player - Basically an MP3 or audio player. 3) How do you specifially use the Cowon 'DAP' with the NH1? - No way, seems you got confused. The Cowon DAP is an audio player by itself. 4) Is is used in place to the RM-MC38EL or in addition to it? - Obviously not.
  4. Tunster

    A bright idea

    Can the usb not output the power? I gather its only through the AA point. I wqas going to say, you could get a female USB A to mini-usb cable, and the usb would output power from the battery to the RH1.
  5. Why the jump to 4th Gen? Sony may still have a pipeline of units left for 3rd Generation along with the RH1, who knows? If the RH1 is the last unit, the next stage will be the SDK being released. Also, the possibility of that containing both the ATRAC codec code and firmware for all MD units. Lets just wait and see.
  6. Tunster

    Arrived MZ-RH1

    Glad you're extremely happy. To tell you the truth, I was very excited getting back into the MD arena by purchasing the RH1. My disappointments of NetMD had all disappeared. I still use both my N510 and RH1. The point of having logos on the back.... there is no point as its more things to be scratched off and make it look tacky. Sound reproduction is superb and hopefully something you will appreciate when you get a chance to play with it after charging it. When I eventually get a half-decent digital camera, I will do a full review on it and do some testing just to backup how GOOD this device is. You won't get less than a quality product from SONY everytime.
  7. Tunster

    New RH1

    I'm not trying to be nasty, but I want to counter-act your annoyances.... no trackinfo on main unit - Why is it annoying? If you're going to have it in your pocket and use it as a portable device, why would you want to keep getting it out to see the track titles? The remote is more than sufficient. ugly protruding eject button without eject prevention - In terms of the device's design, where else could it been put? Its in the right place and I think it looks brill there. Ugly is definately the wrong word in my opinion. no external battery - I gather its down to personal preference. An external battery option would of made the device look ugly to be honest. Just buy a second-hand LIP-4WM battery off ebay for a backup battery. No device is perfect, but I think you'll enjoy its freedom to upload/download tracks now than ever before. The HD Digital Amp is a big big plus as well, how could you say no to clear sound?
  8. No mistake at all. People or other comapres can sell products through Amazon and obviously sell it cheaper.
  9. You probably read that from particular posts from Rob A. That isn't true about the display. Regardless of not being able to read the titles off the display on the RH1 unit, the unit more than adaquate. When was reading the artist/tracks important? The one line remote gives u sufficient prompting of what artist/track title you're on if you ID them properly in Sonicstage.
  10. There is no risk of losing the original file. For example, if you have high bitrate MP3s to put over, all SonicStage (the software that transfers the songs) will copy the file into its own library. Your file will still be in its original place. Also, using SonicStage and the RH1, you'll be able to transfer back to the PC from the MD (if you use the same computer) if you lose the original. Hope this clears things up.
  11. To start off with, it doesn't matter you use a formatted MD disc or Hi-MD 1GB disc. Makes no difference. With my experience, 352kbps is no much different to 256kbps (in my ears anyway). I see 352kbps there to ensure there very few artifacts any artifacts in your recording. If you can't hear any difference in your ears (when you compare the same audio piece), then 256kbps it is.
  12. I don't think it makes much difference to be honest. If you encode the CD in SonicStage to WAV (into the library), then to the format in ATRAC onto MD; its exactly the same as going from CD to MD in SimpleBurner (same process). All SimpleBurner does is make the CD to MD process easier. I assume they both use the same software encoding before transferring the data to MD. The only negative about using SimpleBurner is that you're only limited to Hi-SP, Hi-LP and PCM. SonicStage gives you more in between codec bitrates (48kbps, 192kbps and 352kbps). For me, I use 192kbps because it gives me the best balace between sound quality reproduction and space on the 1GB disc (good enough for about ~8 full albums). If you feel its unneccessary to place them into your SonicStage Library first and dont need 48kbps, 192kbps or 352kbps, then use Simpleburner. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  13. There are two rules to this fun and games.... 1) You know what is acceptable in terms of quality to yourself. 2) The better the source, the better the outcome when you downgrade the bitrate. For example, 128kbps MP3 to 64kbps ATRAC will be worse than CD to 64kbps ATRAC. There's no point going upwards from a already low bitrate file. ATELETRONICS: There's no point going up from a 192k MP3 to Hi-SP. You're wasting space gaining nothing extra. Anything 192k MP3+ (or any other format inc. ATRAC3plus) is very negligent in terms of losing quality. Only if you have trained ears that you can hear the artifacts. To me, 192k ATRAC3plus would be a good downgrade from 192k+ MP3 files. You're not losing any more space or quality. If you find 132k ATRAC3 acceptable, go for that.
  14. Just to reiterate what everyone has just said - get one! You won't regret it. For pure music listening bliss, the RH1 is perfect.
  15. Whats the point backing to a 2nd Gen model for crying out loud? The RH1 is perfect for playback (Why do you want the fancy toys/features like a jog-dial? Leave them to the fancy-nancy iPod fans that all love a good looking player, which personally think it isnt). If you group songs, there's no problem. Spending a little less for a lot less for the RH10 or DH10P, and they're far more difficult to get hold of them new now. The RH1 is the dogs bollocks in terms of MD technology. Stop trying to drown it in mud. Azza: Why don't you group the 300 tracks on your 1 GB disc in some way (Artist seperation by alphabetical order A-E, F-J etc etc) or by album. Thats why the group function is there. I do wish there was a way of jumping groups on the unit, thats my only little niggle. But I have a spare remote from my N510 if I need it.
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