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Streaming MP3s to my Xbox 360 via RH10.

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Pata2001 got it right.

On a related note, I'd love to be able to stream my SonicStage library to the XBox 360. Will Sony add this capability to the PS3? I might have to sell my 360 and buy the PS3 just for that :)

Rumor has it that if you want to copy your CDs to the PS3 hardrive, it will do it using ATRAC3plus Hi-SP. Not sure if it's true though. I think Sony should use the PS3 to push ATRAC into the spotlight. As for streaming from SS to the Xbox 360, i don't think you can, or maybe you can, i haven't tried it. But all I do is load up a 1GB minidisc with my favorite MP3s and then stream that into the X360 using my RH10. I think that's more practical.

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Apparently, it seems that the faulty MP3 playback of the RH10 only applies to those tracks that were transferred using SS.

Just another clarification here. SS doesn't do anything to the quality of the MP3s or alter the basic data in the file in anyway. It only "wraps" the MP3 for use with the portable device. It's the MD unit that is altering the performance of the MP3 through the way it plays it back. So it's technically not the tracks transferred by SS that are affected but rather the Hi-MD unit that is affecting the tracks' playback.

The fact that storing MP3s on the Hi-MD in mass-storage mode and playing them back with another device is fine, should come as no surprise at all.

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