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minidisc HiLP upload/download

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Does anyone have any tips for this annoying feature of SonicStage? I record (spoken) audio in Hi-LP mode, 48kbps being more than adequate. Then, to shuffle it between discs, I upload to PC (SonicStage 3.2), and download again to a different disc. However, the PC insists in converting to Atrac3 64kbps on upload, then if I re-set to 48kbps on download again it takes a painfully long time and causes my (old) laptop to crash if I do too many files. I've looked in options but find no solution.....can anyone tell me how to get the bloody thing to just leave it in the format it was recorded?



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A little correction to avoid further confusion, you can not record to 48kbps on your HIMD only PCM(WAV), 256 or 64 kbps, the later of which is what you refer to as HILP mode.

Sonic Stage only uploads in 3 formats PCM(WAV), 256 of 64kbps. You could upload to WAV, then write to a cdrw, and finally reimport the cdrw into Sonic Stage as 48kbps. This maybe a little easier on your laptop.

Or, after you upload the files in 64kbps use the conversion tool in Sonic Stage to convert to it to 48kbps files, then delete the 64 kbps version. The only thing I'm not sure about on this way is if I beleive uploaded tracks are automatically DRMed, so I'm not 100% positive if it will let you convert it. Someone else here will probably know the answer or just use a sample file and try it.

Anyways either way leaves you with a 48kbps file that you won't have to convert anymore.

The best thing to do is leave it in 64kbps, it takes so little more room than 48kbps. Later,POE.

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"A little correction to avoid further confusion, you can not record to 48kbps on your HIMD only PCM(WAV), 256 or 64 kbps, the later of which is what you refer to as HILP mode."

Interesting - maybe Sony are just filling in with blank data, because when I look at the contents of a Hi-LP (analogue) recorded minidisc using SonicStage, it is noted as 48kbps...........

.....in fact, isn't it rue that new-ish minidiscs (ie mine, the NH600) are Atrac3plus-era machines, thus record at 48, 64 or 256 kbps? Perhaps you are mixing up with the old formats, LP2 and LP4. The problem is that SonicStage insists on converting to 64kbps - what's the point if it was only recorded at 48? really I'd like to not convert at all ever, because my laptop is sooooo crap, but I'm not prepared to buy a new one as its the only thing it ever gets used for.

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Ok a little Atrac history, Legacy Atrac 292kbps, Atrac3 LP2 132 kbps and LP4 66kbps , and finally Atrac 3 plus (HIMD) 352,256(HISP),192,64(HILP)and 48kbps.

All HIMD recorders that I know of only record in only 256(HISP),64(HILP) and PCM(WAV) on the unit itself regardless of line or mic input. This is true with second generation HIMD, I own the RH910 and I checked it. 1st generation wise I'm pretty sure that it was the same, although the only 1st generation I own is the NH600D which is a downloader only.

There has been discussion here that Atrac 3 did some padding with LP2, but nothing I've heard about the Atrac 3 Plus. So I really don't know where the 48kbps your seeing is coming from. Hopefully my memory hasn't failed me but I'm pretty sure HILP is 64kbps.

Although none of this changes the fact that Sonic Stage only uploads at PCM(WAV), 256(HISP) or 64(HILP)kbps.

So really you're best option is to leave it in Sonic Stage as 64kbps(HILP) and transfer to your unit as is. The file is only 25% larger and it still isn't all that big.

Also, you may want to consider trying Sonic Stage 4.2, it seems to run better for most people. I think it uses the computer resources better it may react better in your laptop.

Just a note anytime your using Sonic Stage try not running any other programs while it's running.

Later, POE.

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