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MZ-N710: loose 5-way control key

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Could have sworn I already posted this today, but I can't find it anywhere. Memory playing me tricks again I suppose.

Anyway, I just bought an N710 off ebay and the 5-way control key is very loose. Just touching the key lightly near the Vol- part can bring up the Edit menu or End. That is strange in itself as the menu and end buttons are away from the 5-way key. I might attempt to take the top off to see if it's possible to repair it, but first I thought I'd ask if anyone has a service manual for it. Anyone?

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I understand the need to keep the weight down for portable minidiscs, but the tiny pieces of plastic that hold the keys together are shockingly fragile.

The red arrows indicate where the plastic broke. You might be able to see superglue on the top one, which wasn't the success I hoped for. I took it apart again, made a pin sized tip for my soldering iron and melted the plastic together. I'm not taking bets on how long it will last, but it's working for now.

I uploaded the original at 640x480

IPB Image

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Hmm, is there a maximum picture size in certain forums? I uploaded the original at 640x480

Nice job ;) - incidentally, there shouldn't be any issues with photos at 640 x 480. The attachment you have here is that size in fact. Otherwise you can upload it to one of the albums in your gallery and link direct to it in the post if you don't want to include it as an attachment.

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A friend who saw this happened to mention how filthy my nail is in the photo. I'd like to point out for his sake that I had just finished fitting a cylinder head gasket on someones car before I tackled the minidisc. My nails aren't always that colour. Er, well, if I haven't worked in the garage for a few days they aren't. :D

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