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Kenwood introduces MD car units


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Richard Prinsloo points out Kenwood's DPX-66MD and DPX-55MD(S) car MDLP units. They play CDs, MDs and accept audio through a front panel aux-in jack. Prices are ¥44,100 and ¥39,900 respectively. Sadly Japanese FM-band only.

The older Kenwood's which USED to be available in Europe and USA also did MD --MDLP only however -- There was a cable you could get (I posted this between 6 mths a nd a year ago) which would also give you AUX in functionality (didn't have a standard AUX in on the front panel). Mine is still working fine but I'd love a HI-MD car unit.

I can't rember the model as I'm half drunk in Spain at the moment.

Great to see Kenwood making MD products again after they had stopped in Europe a while ago.



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Actually, my local Best Buy in Washington, D.C. has actually begun stocking regular MDs again. I was stunned, as even the Sony Store in this area has long been officially and proudly bereft of MD items.

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