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Church Microphones

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Chris hangs out at taperssection.com forums and appears to be very knowledgeable about mics and preamps. Rave reviews over there about his products. I personally don't own anything but have had good experience asking him questions and think he makes sense on his posts.

Just my .02.

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I'd say that he's worth a try if you don't need the mics immediately.

I have some small Church Audio binaurals that he used to make but doesn't any more. They are quite sturdily constructed and they sound good--a little richer in the low register than my Sound Professional BMC-2. But I had a hard time finding clips for them--he hadn't considered that at all--and they're bulkier, so I don't use them as much. At one point, after an exchange here, he offered to add clips to them, so clearly he's thinking about that now.

Mail order from Canada takes time, and they goofed up the zip code when they sent my mics, which made them take even longer.

I have the feeling he is a very good electrical engineer and very serious about his products in a technical sense, but not so entrepreneurial--which is fine with me.

He's a member here too--under Church Audio or something similar--so you could also try PM-ing him.

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I believe he's on the Taper's Section board pretty much every day if you want to ask questions about his stuff. There are a lot of people that know his equipment there too and most of them have good things to say about what he sells. He doesn't do a tremendous amount of business but he is serious about pushing his products. My guess is that you would get quality stuff from him based on what I've read on that board and on others. I do remember some kind of running flame he had going with someone but that seems to be par for the course at that board. That's why you won't find me there any more.

My suggestion would be to do a search of old posts there about his stuff. You would be more likely to get the whole picture doing it that way instead of just coming out and asking about it.

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