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UbuntuStudio released

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If you have had a yankering to cut yourself loose form Microsoft or Apple dependencies and their pricetag--- Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that has been getting a lot of good press relative to Vista. With the latest release of Feisty -- about three weeks back -- Linux is moving into the same ballpak as the majors in way of desktop environment. And you can send a way for a free CD to give it a try.

Late last week,UbuntuStudio was released -- being a packaging specific to multimedia needs and a project with that continuing focus on development in sync with each new Unbuntu release -- which are six monthly.

There's a good post about it here:

But the downside is that the rush to download has been such that many of the repositories are off line. So you may have to wait, and while you do check out whats' on offer...for the audio or/& video production enthusiast.

UStudio CDs should be available at some stage, I guess.

Here's an install DIY

The complication, of course, is the fact that many Ubuntu audio applications had a mixed bag of dependencies driven so often by the limitation that mp3 isn't open sourced and couldn't be packaged with Ubuntu "straight out of the box".

This is why you need to install LAME separate from Audacity even on Windows. But as I warned the rush has been extensive so don't expect many options to be available easily for a few days.

For MD and Sonic St6age users, the main complication is that Sonic Stage won;t run on Linux. Some have suggested a WINE work around on a double booted machine, but if you are keen you may like to consider installing Wubi.

Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a few clicks. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid of the complexities, this is for you.

A good source for updates and later tutorials on UbuntuStudio I've

found is the Ubustu feed blog

So if your interest is tweaked and you are wondering if a shift across suits you -- monitor the discussion and the resources that are beginning to come on line now.

Also, if you don't know, here's a list of Linux Tech Podcasts

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ive been using Linux for a week, its a hell of allot faster than windows, and is also extremely stable, is unikly to crash. downsite is that drivers are a pain in the ass! and wireless networks can be verry difficult. i still haven't got working internet in ubuntu!

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... downsite is that drivers are a pain in the ass! and wireless networks can be verry difficult. i still haven't got working internet in ubuntu!

Well,for me Ubuntu is plug in and play -- no setup with the internet at all required. Amazing.. I'm ignorant of radio drivers but if you go to the forums:



Networking and Wireless

you should be asssited.

Ubuntu may in fact be a series of questions (as it is so different from Windows), but the answer is usually somewhere available from the community. I've been on Ubuntu 6 weeks and it's been a steep learning curve.

But after installing Wubi -- I think thats' the way to go. You use Wubi day to day -customizing your Ubuntu desktop -- then, when you are mini disking you can access your HiMD files from there as a one click. When using Sonic Stage, however, you will boot to Windoes . That's inconvenient, but not a major issue --especially when you can save your audio files from Ubuntu into Windoes as required.

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i tried fiesty fawn on two computers but the lack of linux drivers for my wireless cards meant it was useless to me. pity i like the Kubuntu variant a lot.

i went out & bought vista64 home premium for one & then reinstalled xp pro for the other. pity but the wireless is more important than the lack of 64 drivers for vista - i just use one of the xp pcs for a print server/emule

btw i tried the ubuntu forums & the manufacturer's site but there's no linux driver for the chipsets at all

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