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Intel Mac/HiMD problem-help appreciated!

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I have a Sony MZ-RH1 which I've used succesfully up- and down-loading sound on my old G4 Mac (OSX 10.3.9).

Recently I bought a new iMac,2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo,running OSX 10.4.10.When I connected the RH1 to it today,the HiMD Music Transfer box said 'Device not connected'.I tried rebooting,made sure I had HiMD configured on the MD in the machine,tried different MDs,different USB ports,different USB leads,disconnected/reconnected etc etc-nada,zilch,same message again and again.I checked System Profile and that could see my RH1 in the USB port,so it seems to be simply that HiMD Transfer can't 'see' my RH1 :scratchhead: .

Any suggestions? Is it an Intel Mac thing? a 10.4.10 thing?

I could put all my files onto a separate HD,carry it over to the G4 and do it there,but I'd prefer it to work on the iMac.

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