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+100% Speed Control on MZ-RH1 / MZ-M200

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I just decommissioned my MZ-NH900 in favor of a MZ-RH1.

I often listen to radio shows, and use the speed control (SC) feature.

What a difference!

The MZ-RH1 on speed control provided totally smooth, pitch-controlled audio. Listening at +100% (2x) was not only actually possible, but EASY!

I've used speed control on the regular MD business players, and they shared the same problems with audibility that the Hi-MD MZ-NH900 did ... you really can't go past +50% without losing audibility, and there are sharp "cracks" in the sound that are annoying. You really have to work at listening.

In fact, I had stocked up with 2 MZ-NH900s back when we learned that the second wave of Hi-MDs had dropped the SC feature.

But, shortly thereafter, the MZ-RH1 arrived and re-implemented SC, but I soldiered on with the MZ-NH900, because I didn't believe Sony would change the speed control algorithm.

Boy, was I wrong!!

I now have 1 MZ-RH1 and 2 MZ-M200s and have decommissioned that MZ-NH900, and have a 2nd new-in-box that I just won't be needing at all.

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I doubt it is because it is a "digital" speed control (I am sure the 910s worked at the digital level). This was not an uncommon feature on some cassette recorders that were office oriented. I have 3 with this feature, all keep the pitch from changing while speeding up (or down) playback

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