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MZ-RH1 to MZ-RH1 for Deleted NetMD Transfers?

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By now I'm sure that everyone is aware that SonicStage and the MZ-RH1 will not transfer music from an MD that was recorded via SonicStage in NetMD mode if the track was deleted from the SonicStage library. A track recorded optically via a CD deck, however, will upload fine to any PC when inserted in a MZ-RH1.

My current MD collection is well over 100 MDs and they all have been recorded via one of the two ways mentioned above. All of which were recorded in ATRAC 292kbps (SP) mode or (a few) in ATRAC3 132kbps (LP2). I'm currently in the process of making my collection fit on fewer discs and have gathered all the original CDs that I have and ripped those to my SonicStage library in ATRAC3plus 256kbps (Hi-SP) so they can be transferred to Hi-MDs without another conversion process via the MZ-RH1. Also, for those MDs without their original CDs but were recorded via a CD deck's optical out I have been transferring those to my SonicStage library in ATRAC3plus 256kbps (Hi-SP) format as well via the MZ-RH1 and the USB connection.

Now I am left with copy protected NetMD recordings that will not transfer back to my library because they were deleted a long time ago and on another computer. I know that I will have to do real-time recordings with these tracks but I was curious if anyone has ever recorded in real-time from one MZ-RH1's line-out to another MZ-RH1 line-in to strip the copy protection? And how's the quality? I'm thinking of doing the remaining NetMD discs this way because I own a notebook computer that doesn't have very many good options for PC Card sound cards. Plus I want another MZ-RH1, one for the car and one for portable use.

I know that once the recording is complete I will have to do track marking myself or is there an easier way? Also, would SonicStage and Gracenote MusicID service still be able to look up the track names if I specified the artist or something?

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Theres no escaping that a MD deck with optical out into the laptop would be the best SQ wise. You could always buy a decent sound card for the laptop USB with optical in if you needed one etc. But I think you just really want another RH1 so just get it. Theres no way of knowing if YOU would hear the difference between optical and the RH1 line in in terms of SQ. You'd have to to some blind ABX testing to establish that.

While lots of MP3 software will re-tag tracks based on parameters you enter. Some like MusicBrainz tries to recognize the wave form itself. I don't know if you can do the same with SonicStage and Gracenote.

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Another possibility is to get a Deck or other unit that is capable of TOC-Cloning...

Create a source disc in whatever format your nontransferable disc is, then clone the source TOC to your nontransferable disc... Upload away!

More info here: http://www.minidisc.org/cloning_procedure.html

You can also PM me with any questions, I've done a fair amount of cloning myself... Including the method I stated to enable uploading of NetMD material.

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