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Got one at last!MZ-1

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Congrats , Welcome to the MZ-1 club , .......... Most of us would have Sony Rebuilt Exactly that unit in HiMd format , and just put a different Battery case in it .(AA Pack)

I am going to try and build a AA Case for mine that will fit in the Battery compartment.

MZ-1 CLUB!! How do I join :pleasantry:

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Congrats on you aquisition of an MZ-1. I also own one, that I use for DJ-ing purposes whenever I am on the road, it is a sturdy as a rock and all the controls are perfectly placed. Now if only they can build a Hi-MD version of this unit everything would be great.

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I bought my MZ-1 one year ago via ebay, in a very good contition.

The sound of this unit can't be compared to the Mz-RH1 but it sounds quite good, due Mz-1 uses atrac1 versio 1.0.

Anybody know a onlie shop to buy the battery?


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