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A way to prolong minidisc usfulness

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I have seen lots of posts about the death of minidisc and wails about the lack of a minidisc deck (apart form Onkyo ).

I was wondering if I could suggest what may be a useful portable minidisc addition.

I have seen elsewhere the codes for the remote to the minidisc have been decoded as switched resitor values. I also feel that decoding the serial text from the minidisc for display might also be acheived.

If this was done, a small box with a large display could be constructed which would be connected in place of the remote and allow the track now playing to be displayed in a large backlit display. It would also allow timed recording of radio programmes (using an internal timer and external infra red control of the tuner). It would also allow remote control of the MD using a 'standard IR' remote from across the room. With an on screen keyboard the titling would be easier than on the current remote.

These features would then make the portable MD look more like a deck.

What does the list think of this idea?



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