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Selling 54 TDK XS-iV 74 min discs

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They are new and never used, 23 of them are still in cellophane and they are probably made in Europe...

They have a nice black & dark grey "hi tech" design and the bottom half of the protective case, is slightly transparent frosty dark blue... OBS - The topside of the actual disc (when you open the shutter) look almost dusty (as tiny spots or a pattern, that actually is much smaller than normal dust) but it doesn't seem to affect the quality...

I sell all for 60 euro PLUS the cost of transport, payed in advance...

Otherwise will I sell them locally, here in Stockholm - Sweden - Northern Europe

Please answer directly to my email exe@telia.com

*** And Im also looking for one of following portable Sharp models with Auvi 1bit OR one older beauty in silver, that is max slightly used...

Sharp MD-DR77 (black, silver) or MD-DR470 / DR7 / DR480 (silver) max 130 euro (one of them in blue) max 100 euro,

or Sharp IM-DR420 max 100 euro, or Sharp IM-DR410 / 400 max 90 euro

Or the older MD-MT877 / 77 (not auvi, but a beauty in silver) max 90 euro (absolutely NOT the blue version)

All my buy offers WITH transport included, sorry!

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