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WANTED: MZ-NH900/800/700 OR MZ-RH910

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I'm on the lookout for a Hi-MD recorder. Anyone of the following models will do:







I've never owned one myself, but have used them frequently during my undergrad in Sound Production. I'm working on a sound documentary and I need to get my own asap. I'm looking for something in good condition, under 300$.

If anyone has any suggestions or anything for sell, you can contact me at skyfitsheavensoflyit[AT]yahoo.ca .

I've been checking ebay a lot but haven't had any luck.

Thank You! :-)


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I am selling an NH900 in very good shape. If a previous buyer doesn't like it, it's yours. It comes with five 1GB discs.

Don't get your hopes up. Speaking as the "previous buyer" (unless I'm confused) I would say we have a done deal. Well I hope so! Or maybe Syrius wants us to start a bidding war :)

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I have an MZ-RH10 in excellent condition for sale.

the device is completely unblemished/scratched in 99% new condition (there is even a PDA screen protector on the face)

comes with original nimh battery stick as well as two brand new nimh GP sticks and charger

also comes with two unopened brand new hi-md discs

and a brand new rm-mc40elk 3 line remote

USB cable and AC charger included. sonicstage 3.4 can be downloaded

$300 shipped anywhere in the USA.

PM me if youre interested

sorry I didn't notice you're in canada. $310 shipped?

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