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TOC error C16

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one of my discs which i've listen to many times, suddenly will not play because of TOC error C16. i opened the

shutter to examine the disc and it's perfectly clean. i was wondering how this can happen to a perfectly good disc.

also, if there is anything i can do to save the 4 hours of music on the disc.

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It might help to know what model and type of disc (format, not the manufacturer, ie SP/LP/Hi-SP etc).

So far it looks to me (in a few manuals, of course I don't know which is your unit) that C16 only refers to some test modes. Are you sure it wasn't C14, which is a TOC error?

Some folks here will tell you how to clone a TOC to get the music off. I haven't done it (yet).

The fact that you have 4 hours on one disk makes it sound like it might be LP4. It might be a good idea not to keep only in LP4 format, so in future keep in the highest quality format you have space for on your computer hard drive.

Amazing, you are user #586 and this is your first post. I can't exactly say "welcome", now, can I? Hope we can help.

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There are some TOC cloning details in a link in my signature.

If it is in fact a corrupt TOC, cloning may well be the only way to salvage the material (feel free to PM me if you want more info/help on the subject). If it only happens with this disc, chances are good that it is a TOC issue and not something to do with test/service mode.

The issue could be a freak occurrence, or the ribbon cable that connects to the record head of your unit may be wearing out... In this case you will start to notice the same thing happen to more and more discs as the cable continues to deteriorate. There is a thread around here somewhere detailing how to repair the ribbon cable, but it might be better just to find a replacement unit.

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I have a minidiscs that shows "Read Error" and time remaining shows 20 minutes left, so I know data is not lost. This happened after I pressed "track mark'' and heard a single beep tone.

Some time ago I read here of a Sony minidisc deck that could fool damaged disk and correct problem. I was in contact with Mark in England who wanted a $40 "donation" - too expensive for me.

What model deck does this? Who else might fix disc for me.

I'm not sure how to access response, so could you also send a reply to my e-m please? Talking on phone would be really helpful.


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