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Looking for genuine pre-recorded Michael Jackson MDs

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We agree

Yes--with a caveat. Actually, so long as you use the lower "Find" field the settings remain. This is how I create new saved searches--I bring up any older one with my desired advanced settings and then change the search parameters on the "Find" field that's near the result (as opposed to the one at the top of the page).

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I totally gave up bidding now that the demand is high and owners of MJ stuff have rolling eyes, with dollar/euro signs burnt into them. <_<

Heh. As we are all aware, some people have dollar/euro signs permaburned into their retinas. On a side note, some d-bag in Spain posted a couple of homemade counterfeit MDs (i.e. he was touting the content, not the MD) and asking $20+ USD for them. I filed an ebay report and got a response back from ebay Spain. If I'm reading Google's translation right, it looks like ebay Spain just told me to bug off unless I'm the intellectual property owner. It said I should contact the IP owner and if the IP owner wants to ask the item to be removed, they can. I guess in some countries its okay to sell counterfeit merchandise on ebay so long as IP owners don't hire people full-time to challenge items individually.

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Actually, the only two perfectly sounding MJ Epic albums were "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" (especially if you get their 1st Japanese issues with pre-emphasis). "Bad" is a bit compressed (though in no way to the extent modern CDs are), "Dangerous" is overcompressed to death, "HIStory" even more, and later stuff is simply unlistenable (including Special Editions of his earlier albums and "Thriller 25").

The original Dangerous is actually quite dynamic. The 2001 remastered version is about 6dB louder, but still listenable.

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