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SI: Sony's Upcoming ICF-CL75iP Is An Alarm Clock, Digital Frame, And Dock For Your iPod/iPhone

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Alarm clocks, digital photo frames, and iPod/iPhone docks are usually bland and simple. Only very recently have we seen style truly grace these products. However, when one of my contacts forwarded me information about the upcoming ICF-CL75iP, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. This is probably the greatest looking fusion of all of the aforementioned devices that I’ve ever seen. This is the most advanced Dream Machine ever produced by Sony to date – it has a crisp 7 inch color WVGA (800 x 480) LCD, 1GB of built-in storage, and a retractable iPod/iPhone dock. What’s truly outstanding is that the photos on the screen can either be pulled from your iPod/iPhone, or loaded onto the unit via USB. You can also store and play music (mp3, WMA), and movies (MP4, Motion JPEG and AVI) on the device. And in true Billy Mays fashion, wait, there’s more – a FM/AM radio (with 39 total presets), and the option to either wake up via radio, iPod/iPhone, nature sounds (Sea Waves, Birds, Rain, Brook, Under the Sea), or through a 10 second voice recording.


Sony has truly gone all out with this multi-function alarm clock/digital photo frame/iPod+iPhone dock and I honestly believe that this is going to be a huge hit. No release date or a price is to be found, but a cached SonyStyle page did have it listed for $150, which is absolutely delicious. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

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Sony ??? making an iPod dock .......... Capitulation anyone ?

" Defeat admitted By Sony in Sunday Night 15 round toe to toe match ,....... it was expected to go a Full 15 rounds , but somehow in round 7 , Apple pulls an unexpected uppercut landing square on Sony's Jaw ...... unbelievable !! The coach on the Sidelines watching his fighters head snap back , sees damage , and throws in the Towel ........ Folks , what an Upset ...... ......... , At the Sidelines , So tell us Sony What happened in there ? "


Thanks to Darkside

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