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Help! Need drivers for IM-DR80

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Carpet Rodent

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I'm am totally bamboozled. Where do I download the drivers from.

I Have a Sharp IM-DR80 and have lost my beatjam cd.

I have been searching and am about to frisbie my lappy out the window in frustration. What the????

Can anybody please help..????

This site is so confusing...Where is the download botton mentioned in other posts???


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Welcome to our forums. It takes a long time, relatively, to go through and delete duplicate posts, so please DONT DO IT.

The universal drivers for 32-bit and 64 bit windows should work just fine. No idea about BeatJam, but SonicStage should do what you want.


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On 4/14/2021 at 12:47 AM, Ayran said:

Please, i need some help, i lost the cd driver's and software for my sharp net md im-dr80, please have this to download ? in Sharp site no exist....Please help me, im manual no have location to download...

if you must have the Beatjam cd I have a copy and can make an iso image  you could  burn to a cd. It is about 280mb so not a large download.

here is a link to my google drive, flle name OMGBJ.ISO


It wont be there for long so download it asap ( let me know if a problem as I dont do this linking thing often)

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