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MD data

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Now before you guys start yelling at me, keep in mind I am an ignorant newbie. Now, that in mind, I was wondering about MD data discs. They look to be the same physically as regular minidiscs, so I was wondering if it were at all possible to use them with a Hi-MD recorder. Now though I have one of those discs and a recorder on the way, I'm not going to do something stupid and destroy the blasted thing finding out, so if there is someone with more technical knowledge than I've been able to amass from online or has even been crazy enough to try it, could you tell me if they'll work? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all input. Thanks a lot guys, James.

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I have never owned one. But I believe most of the multitrack players will work "somewhat" with a standard MD. I think that means that they can import its contents, or play it, or "something". The experts here will tell you. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they are 4 x 37 minutes (or 8 x 18?) whereas the standard disks are 2 x 74. Certainly no relation with the HiMD technology at all; that all came later.

There's lots of stuff on this sort of topic on the www.minidisc.org site if you poke around.

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Well, I tried it. Got a TOC error notice, the thing started beeping, but nothing blew or fizzled out, so it's OK. Just wish the bloody thing could put more than 800MB on a disc without trying to destroy it's self. Bloody annoying enough that the damn thing only has a usable memory of 961.9MB, where the Hell is the rest of the 39.1MB on the disc huh?

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