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SonicStage 4.3 library issues

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I've been using SS4.3 for quite some time with no major issues, but I've run into a couple now and need some advice to get my library working properly.

My single biggest issue is the SS can't seem to find my music files listed in the library to transfer them or to play them. It wont do anything with the files even when I browse for the file and find it for SS.

As a result I'm thinking about starting fresh on my library and re-importing all my mp3s that reside on my network drive (right next to my oma files that SS can't see.)

Also is there some way to effectively import aac files form itunes without burning them to CD?


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Is the library at its default location (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SonicStage\Packages)? Another cause of the program not finding any files may probably be a path that is too long.

Indeed. MP3 files are somewhat more likely to have long names, and in combination with the silly long name default (above) will cause some problems. Strongly suggest you move the library, in particular you should change the Tools->Options->Location to save imported files to somewhere like C:\SS\imports, i.e. nice and short.

You can also COPY (using windows) all the files to that new location and then reimport them (and delete from the old - once you know the new ones are functional). If there are ATRAC files in your library (as opposed to MP3), you should seriously consider removing the copy protection BEFORE messing with anything like this. Once they have been unencrypted, these ATRAC files can be played even if you reinstall or move computers. If not, you may lose some of them (though not the MP3s which are, I believe immune).

Good luck!

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I have ATRAC files in both the default location and on my Z drive. Plus i have mp3s imprted as well just to add to the confusion. sounds like i nned to delete everythging from my library and all my ATRAC files and start fresh. any ideas on a quicand effectivre way to import ac files from iTunes?

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Maybe something is wrong with the SonicStage database file. The file is located in the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\Packages" folder and is called MtData.mdb (there may be other files with similar names there, e.g. MtData1.mdb, $$MtData.mdb, etc., which are backup copies of the main database). Try moving the file away to a different location, and delete any backup copies (but don't delete the MtType.mdb file). Then start SonicStage, and it will create a new empty database. Then try importing music into this new database.

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