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Made me chuckle

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There's an RH1 currently on ebay (UK) with the following description:

Contacts are a bit messed up: It sometimes just stops playing, probably because the contact from the lid is not quite as it was. It helped to tighten the lid to the unit with a rubber band. Also the contacts for the foward/rewind function does not work sufficiently, again supposedly because of the contacts inside.

The remote control would need re-wiring, as the cable (not the remote itself) appears broken. Ejection mechanism does not always chuck out the mini disc, so it may need some manual intervention to get it out (the lid itself opens fine).

The vendor then follows this tale of woe with the comment:

Otherwise fine
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Actually I forgot to include some more. After the mechanical issues he goes on to the "cosmetic" ones:

Cosmetic issues:

Has a dent at the lower surface (I tried to take a picture, but I just can't capture it). "Ridge" behind the battery comes out a bit (it's not loose, only a bit bent)

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It still went for over fifty quid, though. I know because I was beaten by just a few pence. What was probably behind this were the eight 1GB discs included. But I wanted it for the spare parts in the RH1 too! Anyway I know who bought it, so I will see how soon it comes back up on eBay and how much it goes for. He will probably just resell the eight discs for a tenner apiece, followed by the PSU, and then try to offoad the faulty unit for

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