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MD best sound

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Hi all

What is the md with the best sound in reading and writing excluding the MZ-RH1?

Thanks to everyone for the help.


For Hi-MD I rate the MZ-RH710. Very good full sound indeed.

The best sound I have ever heard on any MD unit though has to be the MZ-R37. It took two batteries and had all metal casing. The sound of the in-built amplifier to my ears is better than a CD player playing uncompressed audio. Then again I recorded through the analogue input thereby making full use of the superior A/D converters.

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For Hi-MD I rate the MZ-RH710. Very good full sound indeed.

Interesting. Not one I have tried - there was a DH710 in the local Sony Store before it closed, but the staff didn't even know what it was, and the price was way up there, so I didn't bite. I think the RH710 might have never surfaced here in N.America.

Which *other* units have you tried, NJ? I think the 710 is the same generation as the 910/M10/M100 i.e. second generation. But if you look at the schematics there's an awful lot of stuff the same up until the RH1. I really like the sound of my RH910, but it has problems (unrelated to sound):

a. there seem to have been an extraordinary proportion of these go out of alignment after a year or two. This is quite unusual for Sony's MD products.

b. It won't record SP

c. The MP3 playback (which replaced SP recording capability I think) is reputedly poor. I actually don't know since I haven't even tried to use MD units for MP3 myself.


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That's Sony's policy of regional differences for you. You're right there the 710 is a UK model.

I don't care much for MP3, which was crippled for the usual reasons. The way I think about it though is that Sony may have deliberately tried to boost the quality of Atrac on these units :lol:

Oddly enough I don't listen to portables anymore that much. Mostly it's decks and hi-fis. When I start my new job that may soon be changing. I have first and second generation Hi-MDs in the pipeline. But I will also keep the R37 close (I have two new ones stored because they are just so friggin' awesome).

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