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M$ to join the portable DAP arena

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An interesting article about Microsoft's venture into the DAP market.


I wonder if they will see the problems with the competition and try to accomodate more to the consumer? :clover: for example get rid of DRM.....(I won't be holding my breath though)

The reference link to the origami project seems to bring back a past thread that spoke of a mini audio/video player. I beileve it so, but I cannot find the original post. They look very nice cosmetic wise. I wonder how it will function software sense . . . :unsure: . I know that within the first 10 minutes of me using the new beta version of WMP and URGE., that I wasn't too happy with it. (first impressions though. Since then I have not used it).

More importantly, I will be very happy with all the mods we can do with them. Imagine possibly putting a working linux flavor...oh ahh.... the possibility


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OK, to save time, let's sum up the news/rumors.

1. Project is headed by the XBOX person.

2. Rumored to support wireless download/purchase of music.

3. MS already in talks with major record labels.

4. For promotion, MS will let you download the same tracks that you already purchased from iTunes for free.

5. Apple will counter this with a 6G wireless capable iPod by Fall.

I'm all for competition. Let the better device win. However, I don't think MS will do anything to iPod's market share just by releasing 1 device. What MS needs to do is integrate its device/firmware/format seamlessly with Windows, Windows mobile, XBOX, etc. Imagine a seamless communication between your DAP, PC, PDA, smart phones, and XBOX where each device can plug-n-play and recognize/communicate/transfer data with each other seamlessly and automatically. MS has the power to do this, but we'll see.

Worst come worst, this could be just another origami hype.

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Yup competition in the near future will be stiff, between APPLE & M$. B)

If M$ ever hopes to steal market share, they will have to create a "streamline" system as you say, pata2001. It's all about functionality software wise now, I think....at least to people like you, me and this forum. :clover:

And on a side note, where is Sony in all this? . . . . Somewhere debating at a round table on a concensus on what to do. :unsure:

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And on a side note, where is Sony in all this? . . . . Somewhere debating at a round table on a concensus on what to do. :unsure:

Sony? They're still thinking how evil kanji is that they forgot what they were doing. :P Until Sony cut their music and movie industry arm off, we'll never see a competing DAP from Sony. It's conflict of interest. That's why the success comes from companies like Apple, Samsung, Creative, etc.

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And on a side note, where is Sony in all this? . . . . Somewhere debating at a round table on a concensus on what to do. :unsure:

I have almost given up on Sony completely. Watch the player they release this fall not have colour or photo capabilities. I wish they'd just copy the Gigabeat, brand it Sony, add in some features, change layout, and release it as is. I would trade my iPod for it in a heart beat. Or a Vaio Pocket G2, with an FM Radio/Recorder, 20-30 battery life, larger screen, Video playback, and slimmer.

If Microsoft overtakes Sony in the DAP market, that would just be beyond sad. The creator of the market (Sony) can't compete anymore. :(

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Reference the link above for a quick review thus far of this M$ project, ZUNE.

My general reaction to the info is blah. Not very excited, but not too bored.

- I do like the touchless operation. I am not a big fan of the pressure sensitive navigation. It's annoying and to have the buttons is a good choice in my book.

- The UI seems of course your tyical boring M$. I wish they could jazz it up somehow. Curious to know more about the wallpaper option.

- WiFi . . . . Not sure how I fell about this yet. The artical does raise an interesting point. The frequency of exchange songs with a person seem not to be a big eye opener. Perhaps it can make up for it with the ability to transfer dirrectly to mulitple computers. Problem is the good ol DRM.

Someone made a comment about M$ doing some hard selling to those who can have accessories for this DAP. I haven't heard any details on them, but very interested in seeing something come soon.

PS - I hope that there will be some real nice tweeks that can be done to the DAP that can make this "The DAP" to have. only time will tell.

PSS - No mention of the software to operate from PC has been given. This raises some questions for me.

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This will fail and will not put a dent into Ipod sales, not even a scratch.

In the end, apple has become what they fought against in the 80s and 90s, a huge corporate firm with a monopoly. perhaps MS or sony should make a commercial like apple once did of the mac being thrown at the giant screen?

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