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Finding out what's on old MDs

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Another question I'm afraid. But I think I know the answer to this one.

I came across some old MDs and they have various compilation albums on them. Other than the limited amount of info I get from my in line remote is there any way of viewing what the album title and track listing is? I believe they may have been recorded/transferred using my previous NetMD but if not at the very least they were transferred over using an older install of SS and on an older PC. My current SS install doesn't even show the MD in the player and I'm resorting to Googling the first couple of tracks to find out what the album is!


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Having a look around it appears Mr Hoggarth is quite the go to guy for MiniDisc! I wonder if he'd have a rubber foot for an MZ-RH1...?


I wish I had! I have yet to find a decent source for tiny rubber feet like these.

Whereabouts In South Yorks are you? I am in Bradford, just off the M606 motorway (the spur off the M62 into Bradford).


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I've found myself turning small electrical items upside down to see if the rubber feet are worth nicking. Closest so far was a portable drive an employee left on her desk. Thought that might be a bit naughty though.

I'm in Sheffield. Drop me a line if you have a use for those new, blank discs of mine. I also found an RM-MC33L that must have come with my previous MD player. That's surplus to requirements too.

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