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Work done by OUR Jim Hoggarth


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Please appreciate :
- global cost around 75£, plus shipping
- a day or (many) more of work on each unit
<< I have tested your recorders to the absolute maximum - many, many days of recording and playing back each, and both are working perfectly. >>
<< The Hi-MD units are a great deal more difficult to work on, and the testing takes so much longer because of all the different recording modes. Plus there always seems to be something else to do! >>
my Sony MZ-RH1 grey (bought around 130$ in Vietnam)
For the repair of your Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc unit, serial number 5037952:
Replace display block flexible connector (cracked)
Reformed bent hinge pin on upper slot metalwork
Remove label residue from upper slot metalwork
Glue lid lock strike plate back into position
Replace battery compartment (cracked into two pieces)
Strip and clean all control switch contacts
Replace several missing screws

my Sony MZ-NH900 grey (bought new ?$ around 2006)
For the repair of your Sony MZ-NH900 minidisc unit, serial number 5050284:
Replace motor assembly (intermittent speed problem)
Replace optical pickup assembly (low laser output)
Clean jog dial and key switch contacts
Polish battery terminals
Remove label residue from disc slot metalwork
Test battery charge capacity
Adjust laser power settings
Full service and extensive test
Guaranteed for six months
my Sony MZ-MZ-RH1 black (bought 65€ in France)
sold at that price because of Hi-MD problems
For the repair of your Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc unit, serial number 5097222:
Replace main circuit board (intermittent disc read errors) [11.00]
Replace spindle motor (noisy, vibrating, imminent failure) [2.50]
Adjust laser power settings
Clean jog dial switch contacts
Full service and test
Guaranteed for six months
RM-MC38EL (NH900 remote)
For the RM-MC38EL remote control:
Replace circuit board
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