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Where do you buy good quality gumstick battery for your CD or MD Player?

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Do the quote buttons actually work on the forum?  I tried both "Quote" and "MultiQuote" and neither seems to work.  Funny part is when I go to post something else I get a pop up saying I have quotes stored I haven't used but how exactly do I use them?


Anyway yeah I've seen both the Vapex and Powerstream on eBay though the Powerstream seem like they might be fresher and are cheap as they are sold in bulk--no money wasted on the packaging and stuff of the Vapex ones.  I guess Sony stopped making/selling these now?  You can't even get the counterfeit ones on eBay anymore, lol.  GP are also long gone it looks like, along with Sanyo Slims :(  There are the no-name China ones as well, but I wouldn't trust them to have anymore than 900-1000mAh regardless of marking but you'd have to analyse one to tell.


I actually have quite a few gumsticks of different types, dunno what condition they are in nowadays but I just took a few I had stored out of refrigeration* which should be good still, but I'm interested now in making an adapter I can connect to my MH-C9000 as someone else did earlier in the thread.  Unfortunately I don't really have any chargers I want to bust up to accomplish this.  I think however I can do it by modifying one of the battery carrying cases.  Hopefully I can design something that doesn't add too much resistance between the battery and the charger


*Note that I would suggest if anyone is storing NiMH or NiCd batteries over long periods for units you don't use often, to discharge the batteries first and keep them at low temperatures--either refrigerated or in the freezer.  This will prevent them from breaking down on their own which will happen much more quickly at room temp and higher and at higher states of charge.  Li-Ion can be stored at low temps as well but should be discharged only to about 30-40% capacity instead of totally discharged.  Also never store a Li-Ion at full charge, especially at room temp or higher as cell degradation is quite bad like this.  Yes they will not lose charge like NiMH but they will lose usable capacity relatively quickly, esp. when stored over 20 Celsius.

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here's a final update, it's somewhat off topic: I just try the Ext. AA battery pack, this Sony battery pack should work for most MD or CD player.  As I use it, the battery indicator was at 1 dot, then move back up to 3 dot, and it moves back and forth.  So the sensor of my battery strength changes.


Any1 has any idea why?

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