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How can I fully uninstall my sonicstage


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I found that I can hardly fully uninstall sonicstage. Please tell how to uninstall my sonicstage? The programme itself has no uninstall programme.

I am using windows 8.1 and my sonicstage cannot work. I had try installing the sonicstage 4.3 ultimate. It's a mess and I want to uninstall the ss, however it remains many problem.

I want to know the correct procedure and files for installing ss on windows 8.1

Please help, because I had too many songs in my himd. I want to export wav onto my pc.

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1. Sonic stage works perfectly with Windows 8

2. De-installing programs is done through Control Panel. Most programs don't have a specific shortcut for removing them

3. If you want to get it working, best is to install over the top.

4. To get NetMD functionality you will have to read some posts on this site to figure out how to enable the installation of the W64 driver (I assume you are running 64-bit Windows 8, not 32-bit).

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Thanks sfbp for your kindly reply.

I had already de-install the ss through Control Panel, but when I reinstall the ss ultimate, it always ask for restoring data as jpg attached. After restoring data as instructed, still I cannot install ss. It asking for restore repeatly. Please give me more advice. I love the software sonicstage very very much.

When I run ss, my windows 8.1 replies "it doesn't work."

One more, what's meant by "best is to install over the top"?




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Oh dear. I think you just got where you don't want to be. The problem is that you are trying to move the music to a new machine. Sonic Stage doesn't really let you do that. They (Sony) have a server which will validate the backup, but a better way is to re-import everything. However: you CAN NOT do that, since you probably have encrypted files which need to be :liberated: from their protection by running the File Conversion Tool. 2nd however: to run that tool, you must be under the old version of Windows and/or the old computer.

There's nothing wrong with Sonic Stage, it's your music which is the problem.

Supposedly there is a server on the internet which will validate the backup. People report from time to time that it is not functioning, then a few days later someone else always reports that it is working fine!!

Some ideas:

1. Are you connected to the network? You need to access that server.

2. Is your firewall on or off? It may need to be OFF temporarily whilst you go through the step of validating against that server.

3. Can you go to your old machine still? I assume you ran the Sonic Stage Backup Tool. Is it possible to run the File Conversion Tool (look on the main menu under Tools, in Sonic Stage main screen) on the old machine? If you do this, many of your songs (the ones that you currently can not play) will be changed by the software and marked as <xxxxxx>.OMA (currently they are <xxxxxx>.oma). It's NOT enough to change the name of the file yourself, you MUST use the File Conversion Tool. For a 5000 song collection, this might take a rather long time, such as 12 hours. (Do not panic when you see their estimate of 40 hours it will be much higher than reality, as today's machines are faster).

4. Assuming the previous answers are YES, OFF, YES, and you succeeded in converting the files, now you can copy the entire folder with your music from old computer to new one. Now the Sonic Stage Restore will work fine, I think. If not, then you can re-import the songs using the "Scan Folder" option.

And (please!) try not to use the "non-default" font size. Thanks.

PS. Some files are not encrypted (protected). Examples: WAV (PCM), Atrac Advanced Lossless (AAL). So in the very worst case, you can copy those files. Or export to those formats from the old machine. Try the FCT first, though.

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If you wish to remove Sonic stage software fully or any other software or program without an "uninstall" feature try a free 30 day trial of "Revo uninstaller". Easy to use and works like a charm. It will list ALL of the program components allowing you to do a full uninstall. it also works in getting rid of obnoxious "piggyback" add on programs that you often get when downloading software. Hope this helps, Cheers Stevie B (soundforhire)

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