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Aiwa AM-F65/70 substitute battery


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There's also another guy (in Germany I think it was?) that used a cylindrical Li-Ion cell, along with a spring (to make it longer) and cardboard (to hold it in place), as a replacement successfully. This method does not require the unit be disassembled.  Since cylindrical cells have higher capacity for similar volume, the guy stated that the capacity is the same.  However I don't really trust the Chinese capacity ratings he's probably going by; I'd have to know what the standard capacity is for that particular size but I never looked into it.  Nonetheless I think he reported similar run times. 


I also found a listing for a BK062265 Li-Ion prismatic cell on eBay (which can also be found on google).  "BK062265" refers to a generic part code used for nearly all Li-Ion/Li-Ion-Poly cells in which the numbers merely describe the dimensions.  Therefore 062265 refers to 65 x 22 x 6 mm.  Unfortunately when I measured the LIB-902 it comes out to 67 x 18-19* x 5 mm, so I'm not sure if it would work.  *LIB-902 is "keyed" so that part of it is slightly taller than the rest of the battery.  **Edit, scratch what I said before, the key actually does prevent it from being inserted the wrong way, not sure why I didn't get that before; it doesn't prevent it from being inserted upside down, however.


So the one I found is about 2mm too short meaning the use of a spring may still be required or perhaps just using some tin foil. I'm not sure if the entire ends of the "BK062265" are entirely contacts or if it's just a small portion (can't find pics of the ends), so foil may actually be a good idea.  Now the width of the battery is 1mm too large but if one broke off the latch at the end of the unit (where the battery door clips in) it should fit as within the unit there is enough space otherwise.  Now this may sound like a bad idea but the truth is on the F70 that latch doesn't do that much for the battery door because it is also held in by the base of the latch (when you press it in) and, perhaps more importantly, the lid of the entire unit holds the door in place when both are closed.  In fact the lid can't be closed until the battery door is closed.  Also since the length of the replacement is 2mm shorter, this may not even be required as it my just "snug in" before the portion of plastic that forms that latch bit.  (You have to have one in your hands to get what I'm talking about here.)


The only thing I can think would prevent such a cell from fitting is the  height. **Edit: Because the key prevents it from being inserted wrong, one would have to remove or cut the part at the end of the battery housing in order to fit a higher battery.  It's too hard to tell whether 3mm would prevent the door from closing, but I think it might close being a tight fit.  Would have to spend about $10 on the battery to try, but it's probably worth a shot.  Since I have a working LIB-902 (*knock on wood*) I'm not in a real rush, but someone desparate for a battery may want to try.


Okay 2nd edit: I tried putting a toothpick (which is about 2mm) over top the LIB-902 and closing the door--no dice.  So a 062265 will NOT fit :(  However I'm thinking there has to be some generic Li-Ion prismatic size that should.  Might take a little searching...

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