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Replacing the OLED on a MZ-RH1

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I found a working EL display for the MZ-RH1 and decided to replace the display myself. If you're wondering what it entails here's my video:



Took about 1.5 hours and the hardest part was taking the EL panel off since it's basically glued on with heavy duty adhesive. Putting everything back together wasn't that simple either because of the buttons. 



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Interesting watch and looks a bit beyond me.


Hopefully my 2 Rh1s survive without this problem

I don't think it would be beyond your capabilities to replace the panel. Just need to be persistent. It helped a lot that the service manuals were online. I personally don't have an electrical degree nor a "fixin' it" degree. I go in with a screw driver and Philips and hope for the best, though recently I've been pretty successful fixing things, though, I did blow out a display on my wife's ipod nano, but buying a new screen fixed that. Whew.


I was really wishing I had purchased two RH1's when my problem first developed. Now that the one is fixed I'm a happy camper. I'll probably rarely use it though for fear the left display will start fading now. I'm just using my RH10 for music now. Hopefully that won't fade too.

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Hi Folks

i´ve done several RH1´s Oled repairs too.

I was hoping it was the Board itself at fault but to no luck.

There are more RH1 dying that is for sure.

Seen so many dark RH10 and now it gonna be worse.


Heres a picture of the OLED Board ;-)

Indeed only some replacement OLED has helped to get that RH1 workk again.

I agree that the problem of dark RH1 (and RH10) screens are going to get worse. I was wishing someone would just make a new, modern OLED panel that was compatible with this unit. It'll be a shame when all of the minidisc units are dark. By then everyone will be using solid state units that use SD cards instead. That's fine, but they look like recorders. I like the minidisc because they don't look like recorders and can be used to just listen to music. That fact it makes it easier to bring into concerts than something that's blatanly obvious that its used for recording. 

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