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MDS-JE510 deck recording problem, overhead

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my minidisc deck seems to fail recording discs, so I took of the cover and noticed that during the recording process minidisc overhead doesn't actually touch the surface of the disc (it is positioned far from the disc)  Im wondering it this would be the case?. I'm assuming that overhead should slightly touch the top of the disc surface, am I right? If so is there any trick to correct overhead position? MD player seems to record the disc but after finish the recording process, disc is still blank. if anyone knows how overhead should be positioned during recording and how to correct it, thank You for any help

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When the recorder is put in record mode, the head should move down into contact with the top surface of the disc.  When the recorder is in play mode or stopped, there should be no contact between the head and the disc.

If the head on your unit is not coming into contact with the disc when recording then that is very likely your problem.  If is is moving down to make contact when you record but after the recording is finished you try and play it back and you still have a blank disc then the chances are that the record head is shot or there is a break in the ribbon cable connecting it.

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hello, thank You for answer

, the problem is, when the recorder is put in record mode the overhead goes down half-way only, and during the recording process it doesn't touch the top surface of the disc. I was wondering if loosing a small screw, which secure overhead to mechanism, whould help adjust overhead position or maybe nagging down.. .The overhead goes down in record mode but never goes down enough so it can contact the disc. thnx

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