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Has anyone heard about MD Transfer Editor?


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There is a program called Minidisc Transfer Editor (by Electronic Design Lab UK, http://www.esdl.co.uk/2/mdte_uk.shtml) very powerful and allowing to manipulate Atrac files (otherwise copying them on HDD is forbidden by Sony's licence). It's meant to be used by radio stations.

Did someone ever seen such a program, does it really exist or is it a Nessie ?

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Shoestring/MD??? (as opposed to Quincy, ME?) It exists. But it's legacyMD only, and costs thousands.

The stuff about copying is no longer true. With the MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) and Sound Forge 9 (or later) you can edit ATRAC files to your heart's content. Provided you decrypt them using the File Conversion Tool.

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