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MDH-10 + accessories for sale

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Just discovered an old Sony Mini Disk deck model MDH-10 + headphones ,remote,us power supply (110v) ,soft case, two firewire cables,lanyard,  external dry cell battery case,windows and mac software diskettes whilst clearing out stuff, as new condition .There must be somebody out there that would like it ? Will seperate items if enough interest.

Battery door doesn't latch shut can't see why, doesn't look damaged.

Excuse my joining to post this but it's too nice not to go to a good home.PS I'm in London UK

Best Regards Oldgit485

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Hope this link works,don't know why I mentioned firewire its scsi connect, I do have a card.The battery cover is not latching because a very small section of the case is missing upon closer examination, If I remember I put an elastic band around it?.The headphone jack is a very strange one and maybe the remote is the same as another sony model ?

Best Regads oldgit485




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Hello Adam,

When you say the adaptor do you mean the power adapter ? its a US 110v one with two rectangular flat pins providing 6v. I will not have internet access for a few days now so will look for your reply when I return.

Best Regards Oldgit

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Are you still interested in selling or loaning the data MD reader?......I've got some recordings that my dad made on his Yamaha md8.  The only problem is that he deleted the table of contents.  I know for a fact that he never used (or recorded over) the disks after he deleted the TOC so I'm hoping there is some way that I can recover the tracks and be able to share them with the family.



Peter K.

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