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Seeking new portable unit: HiMD, Std MD, or other device?

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Hello Minidisco Community- I'm seeking advice: now that my RH1 is starting to act up, I need to get a new one! But do I have to have an RH1?

My RH1 had a NO DISC error that seems to have stopped(the error that is). I can play it as before but for how long? There is a good looking lightly used RH1 on Ebay right now for $550. That's not too much for me to spend on a unit I can hopefully expect many more years of life out of and enjoy so much. Having a HiMD unit means I can play my HiMD discs at any time. I'm hesitant to use my existing RH1 now. . . .

There are lots of Std MD units on Ebay, and they're MUCH MUCH cheaper. But all my HIMD discs, and all that great music on 'em, become less accessible to me. As I see it, for portable use, I can:

  • buy another HiMD portable unit and play everything
  • record all my CDs to my Sony JE520 deck(which makes GREAT sounding discs), and use either my MD-510 portable or another Std MD portable unit. Would require the purchase of a Std MD unit and a bunch of Std discs, which are still available and relatively cheap. Got any suggestions on the better quality Std MD units they sell on Ebay?
  • maybe a more forward thinking possibility: use either SS or Sound Forge to record the CDs into a high quality codec, and play them either with my Sony MZ-E385 portable unit or another, better quality one?

As I understand it, any HiMD .OMA files I have in SS cannot be converted to a Std MD format, transferred to the MD-510, and come out sounding as good since SS does not really have the 292 kbps codec in it- they get converted to LP2, correct? Thanx for the advice. . . .

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Correct, SS does not have 292. That is what I read here for years. When I finally started using SS a little while ago, that turned out to be absolutely true. SS offers what at first glance appears to be SP mode, but it is really just a compatibility trick. As for your other points, only you can decide which way to go. All three methods you note have pros and cons. If I were in in your position—and I think it's great that $$ aren't a big deal to...once was there myself—and knowing myself as I do, I would likely just replace the acting-up unit. Best of luck!

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The only thing you NEED to have an RH1 for is upload from SP/LP2/LP4 to computer. There is simply no other way to do that. In fact I would go so far as to suggest you should not use it for anything else... way too precious.

I recall your user name is your zip code and that you mentioned a visit. Maybe now is the time...... I'm sure I have something to play HiMDs that would make you very happy. I might even be willing to take a look at the RH1 for you.

Send me a PM if you like the sound of that.


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I sold my mint RH-1 a couple of years back when I lost my job. Still regret it.

There is no portable I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot) that sounds as good. With my EX700s and a PCM HiMD recording I was in audio ecstasy every day on the train.

I have a minty JB980 now which makes great recordings that I play back on one of my old MZ-E75s..it's not the same though, the gear just can't technically match HiMD no matter how much it's refined, it sounds mostly and honestly muddy in comparison. After all std MD IS a compressed format..

Once you go Hi, it's hard to go back..

One thing you might consider is the Sony X2 DAP, it's getting very good reviews and might be a solution to play back your CD rips uncompressed.. lack of inline stick remote and the price keep me away though..

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I think you probably mean the NW-ZX2, the successor to the NW-ZX1, both rather expensive although the ZX2 allows you to put micro SD cards in which is a good feature.

Richard (here) has pointed out that the NW-F885/6/7 (16/32/64 GB) is a good and more versatile alternative to the ZX1 or ZX2 and about 1/2 the cost and with some useful features like noise cancellation and an FM radio that works. Beware that if you want to play .oma files and use Sonic Stage you will need the Japanese domestic version (NW-) rather than the "export" version (NWZ-). They all run on Android version 4.

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