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MZ-R50 li-ion battery replacement (solution UK users)

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Edit**** I started a new post about the LIP-8 batteries because they are specific to the MZ-R50 (LIP-8 battery)  and impossible to find in the UK at least, the LIP-12 for the MZ-R30 is a different matter, these readily available at present.

Hi guys, I know these batteries are now getting almost impossible to find in the UK - most certainly the whole unit LIP-8. The actual replacement 14650 battery (inside the LIP-8) is easy enough to find, however it is difficult to mount into the LIP-8 as they do not have tabs or tails to solder to (WARNING:- never ever solder Li-ion batteries - it takes specialised equipment). 

Places like www.powerexpert.co.uk used to supply the whole unit, but these places all seem to be out of stock these days - I ordered from a few but had refunds because of no stock (even though they showed the item as In Stock).

So after many hours searching I could not find a single tabbed or tailed 14650 in the UK! But strangely I could find lots of 14500 with tabs. After a little research I discovered that the 14650's dimensions are 14mm OD x 65mm length and the 14500's dimensions are 14mm OD x 50mm. The 14500 will fit, but just be a little shoerter inside the casing of the LIP-8. Also as a bonus (probably due to batteries improving over the years) the 14500 are 800mah. This is perfect for the MZ-R50 application. So I ordered a 14500 with tabs and as a last grasp asked the vendor if he knew where I could get a 14650 with tabs and surprisingly he said he could supply them! @ £4.89. So I ordered one of those as well - I will try and get hold of a worn out LIP-8 battery casing so I can try them both out as I only have the original at present.

Basically I am going to do the same as in this great post LIP-12 MZ-R30 battery Mod, however I have tabbed batteries that will make it so much easier!


1) The 14500 is 800mah and as such seems perfect fo the MZ-R50, but are there any other considerations when selecting the battery replacement?

2) The 14650 is 1100mah - will this be OK for the MZ-R50 application? Will the extra 300mah cause charging problems etc?

Thanks - Steve



Link to tabbed 14500 800mah -------> 14500 800mah  data for the battery is in the listing

Link to tabbed 14650 1100mah --------> 14650 1100mah the link is actually for a 18650, but he told me to order it and put in the paypal notes (or send him an ebay message) stating that I require a 14650 1100mah.





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Battery - Lip-8 contains a very standard 14650 (and readily available) battery - easy to fit in the empty case - I just worked a blade around the seam, separated the case and pulled off the spot welded terminals with care (snipe nosed pliers did the trick for me). inserted new 14650 and reassembled the case around it (a snug fit, the lack of solder tabs didn't pose a problem). - Usual disclaimer about safety - Please note that I am only describing what I did, not how to do it yourself - Lithium batteries need special care.

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